People get confused all the time when it comes to internet security!

It has been heard that UK government are proposing to follow Australia with the release of data retention legislation called investigatory powers bill. This entire process will later, demands internet service providers to handle and manage records of web addresses customers who visit for the periods of 12 months. It might be noticed by you that this legislation has been underestimated by various technical industries such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo behaving as the reform government surveillance alliance.

microsoft security essential antivirus

Most of the companies think that companies are concerned about everything that diminishes their customers trust. A research has been performed from the side of Broadband Genie, a UK ISP, suggesting that the whole public may have modified its mind about the vitality of government surveillance. Most of the respondents said that they consider the reforms in order to protect the country. Approximately, 27% of people have later, change their mind due to the occurrence of terrorists’ attacks in Paris.

Surprisingly, those surveys are less convinced with the facts and aren’t able to trust ISP’s with the task of storing retained data in secure manner. There are just 33% people who are seen to be acting as supporters of ISP and though it to be best way of storing data in secure manner. Genuinely, Governments are sending very mixed messages when it comes to privacy and security.

Other complicated factor attached with it is that it may not be possible to ensure privacy and Antivirus Support for the consumers whilst at the same moment allowing government departments’ unrestricted and inviolate backdoor access to the communication. Well, the real fact is that neither government nor its audiences are taking one side with full certainty. Some thought that this step will make dealing with terrorists’ events an easy task and on the other hands, people think that it may be possible that it will force the terrorists to use custom encryption tools that are not subject to any kind of violations and restrictions. Hence, there is little doubt that legislation like one that is being proposed in UK will become a law.

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